Opteron 3280 HE OverClocking (2)

by 雪乃 雅 18. 6月 2012 11:14

ASRock Fatal1ty 990FX Professionalですが、ツクモで交換保証を付けて購入していたので、
最後の望みをかけて、ASUSTeK R.O.G Crosshair V Formulaに交換してきました。


というわけで、Opteron 3280 HEをOCしたい人はC5Fを購入しましょう!←いない


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cip91 イタリア
2012/07/18 23:53:02 #

Hi, I'm reading your blog through google translate, and I'm looking forward for your overclocking experience with the Opteron 3280. I am really interested in seeing which is the possible OC with this CPU. Do you use air cooling, liquid cooling or extreme cooling? Thanks for your efforts!! Smile

雪乃 雅 日本
2012/07/23 16:48:24 #

Thanks for your comment.
I do not use the Extreme Cooling.
I have been exploring the limits that can be commonly used in air cooling.

cip91 イタリア
2012/07/26 19:21:32 #

Will you post what you achieved on this blog, or have you already posted it elsewhere? In the latter case, please send me a direct link as I can't find anything related. Thanks for your help.

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